Inspired Actors

Ever spent a lot of time trying to figure out which class to take? Couldn't get in with a specific taping service because they were full? Want to simply focus on growing your career, meeting the right people, and booking the job?

Our Inspired Actor program is for you. This 6 month program sets you up for success giving you everything you need as an actor on a week to week basis; ongoing training, intensives, and self taping. You'll get to choose your course regiment and automatically be signed up for intensives while having access to our walk-in self taping service M-F 10am-5pm.


  • 1 Self-Taping per Week
  • 1 Intensive per Month
  • 1 Class per Session
  • 1 Industry Showcase

Considering the pricing of everything included this could cost you up to $470/month. Now you can join our Get Scene community and focus on the hustle and hard work it takes to be a working actor and leave the rest to us.

In 6 months you will SAVE OVER $1500! To be truly great at anything it takes a commitment, and it starts today.

PRICE: $189/Month

*6 Month Commitment*