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Get Scene Studios is for the new and experienced actor providing continuous, educational, and economical classes. The casting directors, agents, and other professionals brought in by Get Scene will sharpen your acting muscles, encouraging positive growth in a safe environment. From the ambitious newcomer to the seasoned professional your next step is to Get Scene.


Jesse Malinowski

Jesse Malinowski,a national Speaker, professional Film/TV actor and CEO of Atlanta Acting School, Get Scene Studios. Jesse has inspired and aided the career of hundreds of actors across the country, while influencing an equal amount of entrepreneurs from coast to coast. Winner of Atlanta's Apex Society Power 30 Under 30 and best selling author of Turning Rejection Into Success: Creating An Actors Positive Mindset. His acting studio, Get Scene has become the fastest and largest acting studio in the southeast. with over 25 film/TV credits and double that amount commercial Jesse is a fantastic person to learn from! You've seen him in American Reunion, NCIS: New Orleans, and 24: Legacy to name a few. While chasing his own dreams he helps others achieve their own.


Office Manager

Virginia Kirby

Originally from the Atlanta area, Virginia spent most of her adult life in Chicago and Los Angeles where she had a successful corporate career. Virginia retired from the corporate world in 2012 to pursue her lifelong acting passion. She joined Get Scene Studios in 2014 as Office Manager where she handles scheduling, rentals, contracts, etc. Virginia is thrilled to be part of the Get Scene team while also pursuing her acting career.


Operations Manager

Candace VandiZandi

Candace (CandiVandiZandi) is an Atlanta native. She grew up in Woodstock where as a child, she fell in love with theatre and worked with various local troupes. In high school she double lettered in Drama and became a member of the International Thespian Society. Throughout her life she has continued to work with local theatre while keeping a focus on Film and TV. She has had the opportunity to study with many talented individuals such as Jim Moody, Lisina Stoneburner, and Ted Brunetti. Candace is excited to be a part of the Atlanta acting community and happy to see everyone that comes through Get Scene working to make their dreams a reality!


Assistant Operations Manager

Patrick Lamont Jr.

Patrick Lamont Jr. always dreamed of inspiring people around the world to live, love and follow their dreams. Helping raise his younger brothers, he always knew he had a positive impact on others. Growing up he found love on stage, performing in various events, shows and plays. As an adult, moving to Atlanta would become his most rewarding accomplishment as he began his long time dream of acting. Today his acting career is thriving and he is the host of the ATL Allstars Talent Show Network, where he motivates and inspires community youth to be the best performers and person they can be. He Loves to be a part of the Get Scene Family to help every actor get closer to the success that they seek.

Creative Director

Hakim Callender

A native New Yorker born and raised in Harlem he fell in love with the craft at the age of seven on the set of PBS's 'Reading Rainbow' and began studying drama and the arts very young in the Harlem School of the Arts in 1992. He continued to study acting as an adult at different institutions in NY but the most rewarding training came from studying with Mary Boyer at her MTB Studio in Hell's Kitchen, NYC for three years until he made his way south and continued his study of the Meisner technique at Art's Sake Studio in Winter Park, FL. Hakim then moved to Atlanta, GA and not only owns The Bungalow Productions alongside Jesse Malinowski and Aaron Smalls but he has made a living as an actor for the past four years appearing in many projects including CW's The Originals, HBO's Eastbound & Down, USA's Burn Notice, CBS' NCIS: New Orleans and currently plays the recurring role of 'Marcus' on the HBO series Ballers. You can also see him on television in the upcoming TBS comedy series 'The Detour' and at the theater in 'Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Road Chip' this Christmas and 'Triple 9' in theaters 2016. Hakim is thrilled to secretly drink Ciroc in the back office of Get Scene Studios with his boy Jesse Malinowski and discuss how they can take over the world.