These are just a few of our countless success stories! Get Scene strives to put you in front of the people that matter and help you along your journey! Take a look at some of our past actors and we hope you get added to the mix.

Grace Jones

Talent Agent Workshop

"I have been acting since high school but about 5 years ago left my degrees in the dust to pursue my first love. I was yet to have an agent here in Atlanta that I felt understood me, understood my brand and would be invested in me. I had submitted several times to the big agencies in Atlanta but the more I learned about Houghton the more I focused in on resubmitting to them. Before I did so, a friend recommended Get Scene studios. I figured this would set me apart from the hundreds upon hundreds of head shots that come across their desk daily and allowed me to personally interact with Mystie and Vince. They got to see my personality. as well as, my work and that makes all the difference. So on a whim, I signed up since I saw that it was a Houghton Talent workshop in December and the rest is beautiful history and hopefully a long lasting partnership"

Amor Owens

Get Scene Self Taping

"Thank you Get Scene Studios for helping me book a role on a TV Series! The lighting and sound quality of their taping service was excellent! They also have quick turnaround. I had such a great experience! I'll definitely be coming back"

Keila Brown

Talent Agent Workshop

"I started attending events at Get Scene in December of last year. After following their accounts on Facebook and Twitter, I won a giveaway to a workshop in front of Alex White of the Alexander White Agency! There, I received great feedback and signed up for more workshops. It was through this that I got in front of Brenda Pauley and Victoria Temple at People Store Talent and got a callback for representation! As of now, I am signing with Houghton Talent, but Get Scene gave me the exposure and confidence to take the next step in following my dream. Thank you, Get Scene!"

Elizabeth Miller

Get Scene Self Taping

"I received the audition email notification and realized I had to knock it out immediately or it would be a 'no go'. The next day was too packed full of kids' activities. I contacted Jesse Malinowski at Get Scene Studios and thankfully, he was able to put me on tape the same day. I arrived there at 5:03 pm, practiced my lines for the first time until 6:00 pm (in my car) and then walked in to get started with him. I 'shook it out' and that helped me to remember all of the words but I needed more. Jesse was awesome with some quick coaching and direction, really put me at ease. The result - a CALLBACK for CW's The Vampire Diaries! Thank you Jesse Malinowski and Get Scene Studios!"

Christian Robinson

Talent Agent Workshop

"Get Scene is an excellent resource for Actors. I'm sure you've heard "excellent resource for actors" before, however I personally have found Get Scene to be very helpful in my journey to success in the entertainment industry.

It is at Get Scene where I originally was able to get in front of the most sought after agent in Atlanta, getting one on one critiques of my performance, feedback and earning the interest Mr. Alexander White the owner of AWA, leading to me signing with the super agency.

I've also been fortunate enough to be able to meet and perform for George Pierre, casting director of the Hollywood Blockbuster "No Good Deed". Get Scene was also the studio used for table reads and rehearsals for the "Righting Fate" pilot starring Tony Vaughn and L.Warren Young in which I was cast for the lead "Louis".

With all these wonderful things being said Get Scene is AFFORDABLE and they offer creative, fun, and new opportunities for all in and all that want to be in the entertainment industry."

Kayte Giralt

Get Scene Self Taping

The combined convenience and professionalism is what keeps me coming back to use Get Scene for my taping services! I can always count on the staff being able to quickly get me in and out but with the highest quality audition as well. Especially with the quick turn around times, this is really important to me. I got a callback for a role on USA's Satisfaction after taping at Get Scene and met with the director a few days later! I'll definitely continue to come here for taping and workshops in the near future."

Charles Green

Casting Director Workshop

"Getting back into the biz in 2013 after a 24-year absence was no easy feat. But Get Scene has made my return a wonderful experience. I have received valuable feedback from casting directors and I got on their radar (which led to a callback as a regular on a fall TV series as well as continued requests to audition). The workshops really helped dust off my acting skills, stay on top of what's happening in the business and learn new techniques so that I could come back in the game swinging. My acting credits are racking up thanks to what I've learned at Get Scene; the results include 1-1 scenes with such actors as Anthony Hopkins, Russell Crowe, Anna Kendrick and Michael Keaton."

Beth Hale

Get Scene Self Taping

"I just want to give a huge shout-out to Candace and the Get Scene team for helping me out with my latest taped audition. They literally got me in last-minute, worked with me to get 4 different scenes taped successfully and loaded up to the Casting Director in no time. I was able to get a callback for this leading role on a major TV episode and booked the job that same day! I truly believe that in today's super competitive world in acting that my great audition tape and Candi's patience in getting my best performance on tape was my "ace in the hole" and went a long way in me being able to book the job! Thanks everyone at Get Scene for your help, professionalism, and support - you guys rock!"

Cali Rae & Cheyanne Campos

Talent Agent Workshop

"From the moment that we walked through the doors of Get Scene Studios this incredible adventure has left us amazed. We don't live in Atlanta, in fact it takes half a day just to get to the studio but the feeling from their staff has been so warm and welcoming, that's the reason why we keep coming back. The individual advice, the personal experiences and doors that have followed have been nothing more than breath-taking. It's the type of feeling you get when you are taken to the edge, told to have faith, take a deep breath, jump and reach for the stars.

It was our very first visit to Get Scene Studios that changed our lives forever! Cali Rai is signed with the PRICELESS J. Pervis Talent Agency. As for Cheyanne, they also submit her for projects but most importantly, they have taken on the task of developing her skills. It may look like a huge agency on the outside but the personal feeling that you are someone special on the inside words just can't describe! I could never express how grateful I am to have them in our lives and for showing my little girls that dreams do come true!"

Ashlyn Moore

Get Scene Self Taping

"I had been planning to move to Atlanta for 4 months before I met with my first agent. In preparation, I sent my headshot, resume, a cover letter and a DVD of my reel to a few agencies in town, and heard nothing. So, I conducted a Google search for agent and casting director workshops in Atlanta, and found Get Scene to be most like some of the workshop companies I was involved with in New York. Not knowing anyone at Get Scene, and only one other actor in town, I signed up for and attended a workshop with Houghton Talent (my top choice) within my first 72 hours. I prepared a scene from one of my favorite indie features "Short Term 12" - A role that was not so glamorous, but very gritty and compassionate, something I would've loved to work on. Mystie provided the class with her e-mail, I followed up after the holidays, and while waiting for a response, I took Vince's workshop on Super Bowl weekend because I heard fantastic things about his Intensive, and I wanted to keep showing my work, and interest in Houghton. After two more rounds of auditions, I was invited to sign an exclusive contract. It's only the beginning. I am more than thrilled about this opportunity, and sincerely believe it may have not been possible without Get Scene!"

Jamie Miles

Casting Director Workshop

"Get Scene Workshops are a no-brainer if you are a serious actor. Not only are they affordable, they enable me to get in front of a variety of Casting Directors I respect in the industry. Preparing my own scene enables me to highlight the best of "me" and what I bring to the table as an actor. The professional feedback on my headshot, my scene choice, my prep, etc. (both good and bad) is priceless and it enables me to get better and better each time. There is no failure at Get Scene! Almost every time I take a Get Scene Workshop, I am called in by that Casting Director shortly after for an audition! Something must be working because I recently booked!"

Adele Drahos

Talent Agent Workshop

"Getting an agent can be a catch-22, they want to see that you've been working but you usually need an agent to get good work. When I first moved to Atlanta I continued to send in my headshot/resume but never heard back from anyone. I thought, "if only they could see me in person and not on paper." Get Scene offered that opportunity and as soon as I performed a scene in front of Mystie (Houghton Talent) we were in talks for me to come in and audition for them. I am currently signed with them and ready to push forward in my career!"